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Foundation Life Members
Foundation Life Membership was awarded to Ron Clements, Michael Zammit and Josie Clements for the foresight and work put into founding the Club. Lynne Zammit, who in 1994 was awarded Life Membership was also instrumental in the founding of St Clair JRLC, and while never awarded Foundation Life or Life membership acknowledgement of Gail Barnard and Darlene Dowse should be noted for the countless hours put in to get the Club up and running.

Ron Clements
Starting the Club was one of My Proudest moments in Junior Rugby League and then watching it grow to what it is today makes Me very proud knowing that I was one of the people that started the Club.

I also know that the Club is in good hands, you just have to look around the grounds each week to see all the St Clair teams playing.

The other Proud moments are, being made a Foundation Life Member, winning the Clubs First Premiership and then getting Life Membership of Penrith Junior League.

Michael Zammit

There are many memories that come flooding back but to see something grow from absolutely nothing to what it is today is just overwhelming, to go to Peppertree on Saturday Presentation and to see those sea of faces of players collecting their trophies and having a great time its just fantastic. To see our players come through the grades and go on to play NRL and beyond - just magic. But to sit back now 27 years on and reflect, while one of our aims at the beginning was to give the youth of St Clair something to do (rather than vandalise) it is great to see the tradition continue and the building of a better community is the result. As our club Jacket states St Clair JRLC and Proud, I am PROUD to be a part of St.Clair.







Josie Clements

Life Members
Life Membership is voted on and awarded by the General Committee at the AGM
after a nomination is received. Nominees shall have given at least 10 years outstanding service to the Club. The Club executive investigates the nomination and recommends the acceptance or rejection of same, and submit its decision to the next General Meeting. No more than two (2) Life Members can be appointed in one year. The privileges of Life Membership entitle the holder to attend, speak, vote and stand for any office with the Club at any Annual General, Special General or Open Committee meeting.


Ray Dowse
Lynne Zammit
Bill Borg

In October 1989 I was voted in as Club Secretary after having been little more than a BBQ bloke and spectator of my sons games. My wife Karyn had been involved with the Committee for 4 years and "roped me in" to stand when my predecessor Ron Jones made it known he was not running again. I have remained Club Secretary from then until this current day. As the Club grew from 18 teams to 43 teams by 1993 I can honestly say this massive increase over 4 years took the whole Committee by surprise.

I have enjoyed my time as Secretary, and my wife and I have made many life long friends along the way. Watching the kids come along and play every year and knowing that I am assisting them to play a sport they love is worth all the efforts involved. Its been wonderful to see so many of our players come back as adults to coach and train and many of them bring their own kids to play with the Comets.

I cherish deeply my Life Membership both at St Clair JRLC and Penrith Junior Rugby League. My most memorable moments have been being awarded the Sports Achievement Award by Penrith Council in 2008 and the naming of the Bill Borg Mini Field at Peppertree. I am very honoured, proud and extremely humbled by these awards and would like to thank those who have helped along the way.





Steve Tebbutt
Karyn Borg
Joined the Club in 1985 when my 10 year old son Josh began playing. Managed his team for a few years. Joined the Ladies Auxiliary 1986, became treasurer in 1988. Stepped down in 1990 to allow my husband Bill to run for Secretary (there is a bigger story behind that believe me). I work beside Bill with administrative  tasks (behind the scenes) to this day. Did the weekly  magazine from 1998 – 2009. Maintain the players and statistics file. Started the Club website in 1996, at the time it was the first in the district. I still run the site, and am proud of this face lift that was probably long overdue. I also worked at Penrith District level from 1990 to 1998 as a vice president 5 of those years were as District Registrar.

It has been a wonderful experience to have been involved with the Club all these years to watch it grow and become what is one of the most professionally run clubs in the Penrith district, I am proud to be part of that. I have meet some wonderful people through the Club over the years that will be life long friends, I have enjoyed watching the little ones grow into men and bring their little ones back here to play, I currently have 2 grandsons playing, Bailey in the under 12's and Steven in the under 17's. I never thought that I would still be working for the Club 25 years down the track or 17 years after my son stopped playing but now its hard to imagine life with out St Clair JRLC in it. It was a very proud moment when I was awarded life membership, I hope I am here to assist the Club for many years to come.


Frank Weber


After leaving the RAAF  in 1988 we first became involved in this year with our son playing in the U12's. Our Proudest moment was to see him go onto play "A" Grade for the club. Over the years we have both held several positions within the club committee from Clothing Manager to Senior Vive President. During this time we have made many friends through the Club which we will treasure for life. Frank became a life member in 2002 with Wendy becoming a Life Member in 2006. We will always treasure the experiences we have had at St Clair Junior Rugby League Club.

We would dearly like to see the club take out the First Division "A" Grade competition as we have never won an "A" Grade Grand Final. 
Wendy Webber

I have been with the club for years in different positions on the committee and enjoyed it. The club is like a big family and you meet some great people. My son played with the Club from his teen years through to A Grade. My nephew played and now my Grandson is playing and his mother (my daughter) is a coach with the club. I have been involved with other clubs but this is the best one I have found for organisation and friendship.

Mick Higgins
Dave Brown


Dianne Rielly
  Noel Rielly
Robert Haynes


9 of the Life Members pictured at the dedication ceremony of the Bill Borg Mini Field in July 2010